Mission & Stewardship

“God will meet your need with generosity exceeding yours . . . ” (Philippians 4:19)

The Mission and Stewardship Committee tries to bring forth a sense of joyous giving with our members and friends!   Chewelah UCC joins others in our denomination’s five special offerings each year. One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church, The Christmas Fund and Our Churches Wider Mission.   Locally, we support our Chewelah Food Bank throughout the year as well as our church food pantry.  We sponsor a “Kid Friendly Foods” drive during the summer as children are not able to take advantage of free and reduced breakfast and lunches when school is not in session. We help to fund raise for the General Fund, i.e., pancake dinner.

Remember…It has been proven that those who give regularly of their time, talents and treasurers are healthier, happier people.  So…KEEP ON SMILING!

Please pray that we will continue, as a congregation, to look beyond our walls to see the great needs of others and that we will answer Christ’s call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and bring justice to the oppressed.

Spread the Love logoSPREAD THE LOVE . . . Strengthen the Church, a special mission offering

All gifts are directed to activities and programs of your church’s local conference as well as the UCC’s national ministries.

•Supporting the God is Stillspeaking Ministry and its extravagant welcome for all within the United Church of Christ.

•Building youth and young adult ministries

•Nurturing lay and pastoral leadership

•Funding new church starts and invigorating existing congregations

Thanks for your interest in Strengthen the Church! Strengthen the Church, one of four special mission offerings within the United Church of Christ, grows the UCC’s future.

Download the UCC Strengthen The Church information.