1. I have friends visiting.  May I bring them to Worship?   We welcome all visitors for Sunday Worship.  Please identify your visitors or out-of-town family so we may make them welcome.
  2. My children would like to come to Sunday Worship, what is available for them?  Chewelah UCC has a wonderful playroom and child care attendant on MOST Sundays.  Children are invited to Worship and to have a short visit with the Pastor during the service, then they can attend the Sunday School in our Sunday School room.  We also have special entertainment bags available as you enter worship.  These bags contain coloring materials and books for children to use during Worship.
  3. Should a visitor feel required to tithe?  Visitors to our church are not required to contribute to our Sunday Giving.
  4. What is the most important thing about Chewelah UCC for you?  We are a progressive Christian presence in a fairly conservative area of Washington State.  I think it is important for us to maintain this presence, to make sure our voice is heard and that people in this community know that we are welcoming, open, and affirming to all!
  5. What mission project is important to this church?  Every year we host a free community dinner near Thanksgiving.  We accept no donations and it is just our way of saying to the community, “we care about you!”
  6. My aunt attends worship with me and has a difficult time hearing much of the sermon.  When you come to worship, ask the greeters for a hearing headset.  This will direct the speakers word directly to her ears and allow her to adjust the volume.


Call Sara 509-935-8046 to have your questions answered.