Beliefs & Promises

“We, the people of Chewelah United Church of Christ, promise, to be in loving partnership with God, and with each other, empowering all those whom we encounter to find their true home and their true sense of purpose.”


We believe that all humans are a people of the table…the kitchen table and the communion table, which really are the same thing.

Community. Communion.
Bread broken. Bread shared.
Learners are teachers. Teachers are learners.

We are all created in the image of God. We are all God’s children. We joyfully celebrate the rich diversity within the human family, all races, genders, and sexual orientations. When I speak with you, I see the face of God in you…and trust that you see the face of God in me.

When we break bread together, we share our stories with each other, and in that moment, we believe we are on holy ground. And so, we promise to ourselves, and to each other, to continually be putting new leaves in our table, for all those who would come our way.


We Therefore Together Committ

To listen first…and then listen some more.
To welcome each person…to create a safe space for all to share their stories.
To hold all of our stories close to our hearts, so that we may know and love each other better.
To invite others to join us around the table.
To take risks for those who need our love and help, by asking the tough questions, and then committing to do whatever we can to care for each other.

And always…to follow the Way of Jesus, by choosing acceptance over judgment, kindness over criticism, and hope over despair.  We believe in living in the Spirit of God’s love, and we promise to follow it, as best we can, in our thoughts, our hearts, our actions and our relationships.

Chewelah UCC By-LawsChewelah United Church of Christ By-Laws