ONLINE JOB APPLICATION: 2021 Half-Time Pastor Position

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APPLICATION MATERIALS: 2021 Half-Time Pastor Position

If you do NOT complete the ONLINE application above, please complete one of the options below.  Chewelah United Church of Christ, Chewelah Washington invites your application for a half-time pastor position which could begin as early as August 2021.The application materials are available on the Chewelah UCC website for download. Application screening will commence on June 24, 2021, Applications received after that date will be held in the event of a second posting.
To be considered for Call, a completed application submission must include:
1) A Cover letter of interest/application (one-page preferred);
2) Completed and signed Application Form;
3) Resume;
4) Questions – to be answered by applicant;
5) A Video/flashdrive/link/CD of sermon/message being delivered (5-15 minutes recommended).
Electronic transmission of the application packet is preferred, however hard copy will be accepted. Please mail to Chewelah United Church of Christ , FAX to (509) 935-8046, or mail to Chewelah United Church of Christ, c/o Search, PO Box 378, Chewelah, WA 99109.
For more information regarding Job Description, the Church and geographic area please see the church website listed above. Questions may be emailed to or phoned to (509)-935-8046.
Thank you for your interest in Chewelah United Church of Christ.

Chewelah UCC Search Committee