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Welcome to Chewelah United Church of Christ

Welcome . . .

We are the Chewelah United Church of Christ located in Northeast Washington in the small town of Chewelah, Washington. Join us as we share the wonder of God in our open & affirming, bible-studying and Christ-centered church.  A place of sanctuary.

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In person gatherings are now permitted at Chewelah UCC with some restrictions: masks and social distancing, subject to change per Governor actions.

What’s Happening at UCC?

A Church Family joined together as helping hands, conquering challenges, creating friendships, providing assistance, educating and developing laughter with love.

Chewelah United Church of Christ (UCC) is excited to recruit a pastor in an open and affirming
congregation located in scenic Northeast Washington State. While honoring the spiritual
traditions of this 140+ year-old congregation, Chewelah UCC is focused on service to God, our
neighbors, community, and a safe, caring world and its environment. The numerous ministries of
this church provide love and caring for the congregation; youth; food pantries and meals;
housing for service groups e.g., AA, Scouts, Meditation groups, Cancer Support Group, Writers’
groups, BLM vigil, Women’s Marches, as well as “services for the unchurched”. A
collaborative partner in an ecumenical “Faith Resources Group”, Chewelah UCC joins our
neighbors in advocating and enacting “A Just World for All”.
This openly welcoming congregation seeks a pastor who is friendly; caring; effective with all
ages; involved in community life; and a good communicator as well as Spiritual Guide. Members
look forward to joyful, thought provoking, uplifting, and challenging sermons/messages.
Congregational learning with the recent pastor and during a pandemic has set goals of growing
membership, especially among younger members and families, vibrant worship services
including the creative use of technology and music, community outreach, justice and climate
Referred to locally as “that Hope church”, Chewelah UCC invites your application and
commitment to serve alongside us. Please see for application processes/
timelines and forms. 

Call or visit Chewelah UCC NOW!

509-935-8046 or East 10 Webster Avenue
Chewelah, WA 99109